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How Digital Supply Chain made Apple number 1 in the Supply Chain Top 25

Digital supply chain is a new media term that encompasses the process of the delivery
of digital media, be it music or video, by electronic means from the point of origin (content
provider) to destination (consumer). Similar to how a physical medium must go through a
supply chain process in order to mature into a consumable product, digital media must
pass through various stages in processing to get to a point where the consumer can
enjoy the music or video on a computer or television set (from Wikipedia).

Itís a bold new world for media, and many companies are trying to figure out how to best
provide supply. Take the mobile consumer, for instance. Either directly, with digital products,
or indirectly, with how digital assets can shape consumer demand, mobile market growth is enormous, global, and constantly requiring new features.

A quick examination of the mobile marketís evolution shows the following:

* Desktop consumers moved to laptops for flexibility, but gave away speed and functionality.
* Laptop designs then provided desktop CPU, memory, screen, and storage specifications
  comparable to desktops.
* Laptop consumers soon moved to mobile devices for more flexibility, but gave away
  application features.
* Mobile devices added significantly more features: e-mail, games, music, and Internet.
* The mobile market is now asking for integration with devices for even more digital content.

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source: C.J. Wehlage,