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In 2015 the demand for procurement professionals and procurement managers did not
collapse, but has risen, although some branches are effected by the recession. This is the result of a
market analyses for purchasing management on European and Global level. 

De demand for buyers and procurement managers and the attention for the profession raised
the last years increasingly - due to possible savings - and this is an ongoing proces.

The demand for specialised procurement professionals and procurement managers was
booming and still is booming.

The question is: Where do I find a qualified professional or manager in procurement ?

Most professionals have a good job, only occasionally there is movement in the market and many
senior procurement professionals work as an independent consultant. So it is important to know
procurement land and often usefull if you are a procurement manager yourself.

As former procurement consultant and senior accountmanager I have commenced end of 2007
with my company "" to assist companies in the executive search of
procurement professionals and managers and the selection of an interim procurement consultant. 

The power of Procurementnetwork excists of the above mentioned procurement background and
the fact that we are running at least ten international procurement websites.

What Procurementnetwork offers:
- Executive search and headhunting of procurement professionals and managers, 
- Procurement interim managers, management,
- Mentoring in Sourcing and Doing Business in China and the Far East.  

Do you need a procurement professional, supply chain manager or a procurement manager ?

Contact us now at:

source: Among others, DEAL, sdu publishers.
Erwin Overdijk, Managing Director, Procurementnetwork (executive search & consultancy)

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